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Worried about another cold snap in Indiana? If so, your priority should be to ensure that your home furnace is working properly.

First things first: how old is your furnace? If you’ve had it for less than 15 years, keeping it in shape is relatively simple. If your furnace is older, though, many problems will be serious enough to warrant a replacement.

Want to find out if your furnace is on its last legs? Here are five indicators that you may need to replace this appliance soon.

1. Poor Heating

Feeling cold even if the heating is on is the most obvious sign of a broken furnace. That said, this isn’t always the case. Uneven heating may also occur due to air leaks, a malfunctioning thermostat, and so on.

If you believe the fault lies with the furnace, don’t push the system into overdrive. Instead, call in a professional to examine the furnace. Do the same if you start noticing different temperatures in different rooms.

2. Unusual Smells and Sounds

Standing close to a furnace can tell you a few things about its shape. For instance, you may hear some screeching and squealing. That usually means you only need to adjust the blower, but other noises are more ominous.

Strange smells are also a concern. Most types of furnaces produce a musty aroma when you turn them on for the first time in a while. If the smell lingers for a few days, though, you may need a furnace replacement.

3. Frequent Cycling

During its normal operation, a furnace will cycle on and off. When the temp dips below where it should be, a furnace will kick in to bring it back up. Once it’s done its job, it will turn off, and the cycle will continue.

Here’s the thing: the furnace shouldn’t cycle on and off that often. It also shouldn’t run all the time! If you notice one of these changes in its pattern of operation, the furnace isn’t working as intended.

4. High Electric Bills

It’s no secret that electric bills in Indiana are on the rise. That said, you should still take a closer look at yours. If you’re paying much more than you did last year, your furnace may be the main culprit.

See, as a furnace gets older, it also gets less efficient. As a result, it takes more energy to heat your home, causing your bills to spike. The best way to lower these operating costs is to invest in a modern furnace.

5. Dust and Dirt

Is your home dusty despite your constant attempts to clean it? If so, this is another classic indicator of furnace problems. If your furnace isn’t removing enough airborne particles from the air, they will turn to dust.

The solution: check your furnace filter and replace it if necessary. In general, this is something you should do every few months. If you haven’t done it in a while, the internal components may have suffered permanent damage.

Replacing a Home Furnace

At the end of the day, there are many furnace issues that can cause it to fail. If the furnace is new, repairing it may make sense. If not, you’re likely better off switching to a newer, more efficient unit.

Looking for professionals to install your new home furnace? If you live in New Haven, IN, Pro Comfort Heating & Cooling has the right people for the job! Contact us here to find out more about our services.

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